Actress Debbie Shokoya goes teary as she recounts pr€gnancy loss at 8 months (Video).

In a recent video, popular Nollywood actress Debbie Shokoya, also known as Deborah Ajijolajesu Shokoya, breaks down in tears as she talks about losing her pr€gnancy at 8 months.

Actress Debbie Shokoya shared a tearjerking video on her Instagram page in which she describes the tragic occurrence of losing her pr€gnancy.

According to Debbie Shokoya, her loved ones were well aware of her pr€gnancy and even anticipated her return with the baby. Tragically, unforeseen events occurred and there was a miscarr!age.

She asked for forgiveness and asked others not to be harsh with her. She spoke openly about the challenges and sacrifices she had undertaken for the sake of her unborn child, only to suffer the tragic loss.

She boldly stated, through tears, the great difficulties she has been having because of the link she has with her unborn child, which has made the loss much more painful.

According to her, “I would like to convey my tale myself, which is why I am currently filming the video. Nearly everyone is aware that Debbie Shokoya is pr€gnant and expecting, and praise God, I lost my child at the age of eight months.

“That is to say, I speak about the topics I wish to speak about. I wouldn’t talk about something if I didn’t want to.

Words have power, so use caution when using them. I gave birth to my son after an eight-month pr€gnancy. I am aware of the sacrifices I made for my child. God understands how I traveled with the excitement of returning with my child, right?

It’s difficult because I lost my child after bonding with him or her for eight months”

“This is my husband right here” Debbie Shokoya proudly unveils husband’s face amid husband sna+ching allegation

Few weeks ago, Senior Man reported that Deborah Ajijolajesu Shokoya, also known as Debbie Shokoya, has finally revealed the identity of her beloved husband.

Before his birthday this year, the Yoruba movie screen diva, who has been hiding her husband’s name and face, proudly showed him off to her followers.

He received an early birthday message from Debbie, who proudly referred to him as her husband and professed her undying affection for him.

Debbie Shokoya ignores naysayers, flaunts husband as she marks the new month with prayers

Few weeks ago, Debbie Shokoya, who doesn’t care what other people think of her marriage, greeted the beginning of the new month with a beautiful snapshot of herself and her spouse and some uplifting remarks.

She declared that the month gives birth to amazing people, of which her spouse is one.

Debbie hoped for a wonderful and successful month that would provide many reasons for celebration.