‘A reflection of our political system’ – Felix Bankole recommends Jagun Jagun

Felix Bankole recommends Jagun Jagun

The President of Vision Drama Mission Outreach Int’l, Felix Bankole has recommended Jagun Jagun movie for all filmmakers.

Jagun Jagun tells tells the story of a Warlord, Ogundiji who begins to feel threatened by the potential of a young warrior, Gbotija whose main aim is to avenge the death of his father.

Ogundiji, a dictator who has amassed a number of kingdoms for the wrong rulers, is shortly threatened by the appearance of the teenage warrior Gbotija.

Felix Bankole took to Facebook to appreciate the efforts put into the production just as Evangelist Femi Adebile a.k.a Fejosbaba and Abiola Babatola a.k.a Nattytunes did.

The missionary who is currently in Gambia said Jagun Jagun is more like the adaptation of David and Goliath’s biblical story.

He added that the cast and crew who worked on the project give their best and also presumed that a lot of money must have been spent to achieve such an outstanding movie.

Another point is, the movie plays out the reflection of the Nigeria’s political scenario where the children of innocent citizens are used by politicians to satisfy their political ambitions.

Lastly, he encouraged gospel drama ministers to allow unity within so that God can use them to cover more grounds when they work together.

In his words;

“Last night, when I was traveling, I watched the movie Jagun Jagun, which I had been eager to see”

“I will advise every Film Producer to see it, I was very mindful of the little here little there in the movie”

“The Set designs, Art Directions, The Directing, Acting, costumes, Make up etc, I saw the two Directors acted a scene also, The Younger Brother of Femi Adebayo and Adebayo Tijani, great Actors and Directors.”

My Take home Lessons after seeing Jagun Jagun.

1. It’s a Biblical story of David and Goliath

2. The Cast and crew went all out to give their best

3. They spent so much money in producing this great Movie and I saw a mix of the old folks and the New Breed in the Movie industry.

4. I saw togetherness in the production.

5. I posted also on Abiola Natty Nattytunes Babatola Post yesterday, it’s a reflection of the Political scenerio in Nigeria where they send there Children abroad and send the innocent Children of the Masses to go and die during political rallies.

Hmmm, in the plane, a Gambian who works with the Government shared with me that she attended the same school with the children of one of our Ex President in the UK. Just sighting an example.

6. United we stand, divided we fall. Let’s unit to give God our best

Please go and see it, it a great Production, I learnt a lot there as a Filmmaker. They went all out, how much more we that always go for Soul winning, let’s give our best to the Lord also.

Felix Bankole
Drama Missionary
The Gambia”