5 altars in marriage that must be repaired before they get totally broken

The altar you permit to run the affairs of your home will determine the amount of peace or war in your marriage. Every human being has spheres of influence where we rule and dominate. We have our territory and comfort zone, which should be guarded jealously for the sake of our sanity. It saddens my heart that many couples are running their marriages on broken altars at the expense of the peace of their families.

We give our enemies the right to get away with their evil scheme against our family because of the character some of us exhibit in marriage. It is time to help your marriage heal by repairing the broken altars of:

  1. Altar of love and empathy

A loveless marriage is a haven for enemies because it will be easier to turn your heart against your spouse. Love is a powerful weapon to build a home on. You owe your spouse love, empathy, and respect. Most of the problems in marriage are traceable to character flaws and the inability to be fair in dealing with our spouse.  That is why you need to learn how to correct your spouse in love. Some people find this hard, learn it and let it be easy for you because it is dangerous to let your spouse feel unloved.

  1. Altar of Communication

The importance of communication in your marriage cannot be overemphasized. If there is a breakdown of communication between couples, the life and strength of your marriage will be threatened. Communication helps to create a bond between couples. A family that lacks communication is already giving ‘a third’ party an opportunity in the home. If your partner is no longer communicating with you, it is very possible someone else is getting the communication. That is why you should not let uncommunication linger for long, even if you are having some unresolved issues. Communication is a powerful tool to keep a home.

  1. Altar of Forgiveness

One of the demons destroying the peace of our marriage is unforgiveness. So many homes today are in bondage because of unforgiveness.¬†Refusing to forgive someone who has offended you is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die. Please don’t put yourself in the bondage of unforgiveness. It is not healthy for you or anyone. You will gain freedom emotionally, spiritually, mentally, and otherwise if you choose to forgive.

When you forgive, it is a gift to you because you will be free from bitterness towards your spouse and everyone around you. You will experience an unexplainable joy within, and people around you will feel it. Forgive your partner and let go of malice or grudges that come unforgiveness.

  1. Altar of Unity

A united front between couples can defeat any foe and can survive any storm. The enemies understand the power of unity in marriage and will do anything to keep you and your spouse apart. They will come with emotional feelings like anger, bitterness, unforgiveness, and resentment to destroy the peace in your home. A little disagreement that erupts can serve as a great tool to pull down a home if one is not sensitive. That is why your home must at all times be united to stand firm against any weapon fashioned against it.  The enemies are always looking for an opportunity to see that you disagree at all times.

  1. Altar of Worship and devotion

God dwells in the praises of His people. Couples who operate on the same spiritual frequency will find it easy to win spiritual and physical battles in their marriage. Don’t allow your enemies to rob you of joy and peace in your marriage. Your home is your project, and it must not fail.

Look inward, and begin to repair the broken altars in your marriage.